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Embrace the culinary lifestyle of the Avenue des Champs Élysées at CHOIX Patisserie & Restaurant, with a premium collection of delicacies from three Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire. Indulge in the finest serving from a latte with a freshly baked croissant on the terrace for breakfast, a casual business gathering for lunch, to our renowned afternoon tea accompanied with delectable pastries and DAMMANN Frères Tea, or a romantic dinner for two with an elegantly crafted menu selection.

Monday to Sunday

7:00 am - 9:00 pm

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Cake Book

Discover an array of delicious cakes specially curated for any occasion and available in various sizes.



Parisian Afternoon Tea

Specially curated by three Michelin-starred chef Pierre Gagnaire, this afternoon tea offers a true Parisian culinary experience.


Business Breakfast

Start your day off right with a luscious breakfast at CHOIX.


CHOIX du Jour

Enjoy the Chef’s daily special and experience a taste of France with every bite. 

Waffle Screen.jpg

Liégeoise Waffles

Experience a staple of Belgian cuisine with Liégeoise Waffles perfectly paired with chocolate sauce.


Business Lunch

You deserve a delicious meal, even on weekdays. Relish in authentic delectable dishes...


CHOIX at Home

Order your breakfast favourites to enjoy in the comfort of your home and enjoy retail items perfect for gifting or simply to treat yourself.



Select your eggs: pan fried, poached, scrambled or plain omelette + Viennoiserie basket (mini croissant, mini pain au chocolat, brioche, ficelle).

Jams and butter.

Coffee, tea or hot chocolate + Fresh juice.

AED  95



Plain Eggs  AED 45

Pan fried, poached, scrambled or plain omelette

Omelette PG (E) (G) (D) AED 65

Wild mushrooms, cheese

Scrambled Eggs PG (E) (G) (D) AED 60

Fresh herbs, mascarpone

Eggs Benedict (E) (G) (D) AED 75

Poached eggs, veal bacon, Hollandaise sauce, English muffin

CHOIX Eggs (E) (G) (D) AED 70

Tomato sauce, avocado, goat cheese toast

CHOIX du Nord (E) (G) (D) (F) AED 75

Tomato sauce, avocado, goat cheese toast, smoked salmon

CHOIX Royal(E) (G) (D) AED 80

Pan fried, poached, scrambled or plain omelette Pochas beans, tomato sauce, veal bacon, sausage, avocado, baby potatoes

Extra Side   AED 22

Avocado | Veal bacon | Grilled Shimizu chicken Smoked salmon | Chicken and mustard sausage




Crêpes (G) (D) AED 50

Sugar, maple syrup or chocolate sauce

French Toast (G) (D) AED 75

Salted caramel butter, vanilla Chantilly

Belgian Waffle (E) (G) (D) AED 30

Gauffre Belge

Porridge (G) (D) AED 55

With water or fresh milk, honey or sugar

Porridge with Fresh Fruits (G) (D) AED 67

With water or fresh milk, honey or sugar

Fresh Fruit Salad  AED 45




Croissant AED 18

Viennoiserie of the day AED 18

Pain au chocolat AED 19

Cheese croissant AED 28

Almond croissant AED 28

Chocolate & almond croissant AED 28

Viennoiserie basket (mini croissant, mini pain au chocolat, brioche, ficelle) AED 40



Egg cocotte with cream, mild curry mushroom duxelle. (E) (G) (D)  AED 90

Oeuf cocotte à la crème, duxelle de champignons au curry doux.

Galician octopus. (D) (E) (N) (F) (G ) AED 120

Poulpe à la galicienne.

Endive salad with walnuts and Roquefort cheese, Cecina di Leon. (G) (D) (N)  AED 110

Salade d'endives, noix et Roquefort, Cecina di Leon.

Beetroot carpaccio, shavings of Fourme d’Ambert, smoked duck, croutons. (G) (D) (M)  AED 100

Carpaccio de betterave rouge, copeaux de Fourme d’Ambert, canard fumé, petits croutons.

Chicken Caesar salad. (G) (D) (E) (F) (M) AED 90

Ceasar au poulet

Omani shrimp Caesar salad. (G) (E) (Sh) (D) (F) (M) AED 95

Ceasar aux crevettes d’Oman.

Cold tomato soup, burrata sorbet, arugula. (D) AED 85

Soupe de tomate glacée, sorbet burrata, roquette.

Mustard ice cream, cauliflower salad with cumin.  (G) (E) (D) (M)  AED 90

Glace à la moutarde, salade de chou-fleur au cumin.

Blue lobster salad, cocktail sauce. (Sh) (D) (E) (M) (A)  AED 215

Salade de homard bleu, sauce cocktail. 

Artichoke heart, razor clam vinaigrette with herbs. (M) (Sh) (D) (G) AED 105

Cœur d’artichaut, vinaigrette de couteaux aux fines herbes.




Soup of the day. (D) AED 70

Soupe du moment.

Chestnut velouté, braised lettuce heart. (G) (CY) (D) AED 85

Velouté de châtaigne, coeur de laitue braisé. 

Oriental green Lentil du Puy velouté. (G) (E) (D) AED 80

Velouté de lentilles vertes du Puy à l’orientale.



Organic salmon, red quinoa with tomato marmalade, bean sprout, sorrel with raspberries. (F) (D) (Sy) AED 215

Pavé de saumon bio, galette de quinoa rouge tomatée, pousse de soja, fondue d’oseille aux framboises.

Catch of the day. (F) (D)  AED 155

Le poisson du jour et  la garniture du moment.

Macaroni gratin, gorgonzola and smoked duck breast(D) (G) (E) AED 160

Gratin de macaroni, gorgonzola et magret fumé.

Beef stew à la Bourguignone.

                                            Tagliatelles. (D) (G) (E) (A) (CY)  AED 170

Daube de boeuf à la Bourguignone. 


Tandoori Chicken skewers.

Basmati rice with red and green bell peppers. (G) (D) (CY)  AED 170

Brochettes de volaille en tandoori. 

Galette de riz basmati aux poivrons rouges et verts.

Veal Milanese, broccoli purée with Cremona mustard. (D) (G) (E) AED 190

Escalope milanaise, purée de brocoli à la moutarde de Crémone.

Australian ribeye (300g)-
Sweet onion with juniper.
Diablo sauce.
(D) (E)  AED 230
Entrecôte de boeuf Australien(300g)-

Marmelade d’oignons doux au genièvre.

Sauce Diable.





Steamed vegetables.  AED 35

Légumes vapeur.

French fries. AED 40

Pommes allumettes.

Garden Salad. AED 60

Salade du jardin.

Lemongrass pilaf rice. AED 35

Riz pilaf à la citronnelle.

Mashed potatoes with olive oil. AED 35

Purée de pomme de terre émulsionnée à l’huile d’olive.


Club sandwich: Chicken breast, egg, veal bacon, tomato, lettuce.

(fries or salad) (G) (D) (E) AED 98

Club sandwich Blanc de volaille fermière, oeuf dur, bacon de veau, tomate, laitue.

(frites ou salade)

Warm brioche bread:

Tuna belly, torched avocado, pink grapefruit and bean sprouts, chipotle mayonnaise 

(fries or salad) (G) (D) (E) (Sy) (F) AED 100

Pain brioché tiède:

Ventrèche de thon, avocat brûlé, pamplemousse rose et pousses de soja, mayonnaise chipotle.

(frites ou salade)

Toasted baguette with tomato and olive oil.

Manchego cheese, shiitake mushrooms, piquillo peppers, capers. 

(fries or salad) (G) (D)  AED 95

Baguette toastée frottée de tomate à l'huile d'olive .

Manchego, shiitake, piquillos, câpres.

(frites ou salade)

CHOIX cheeseburger 

Onion marmalade, cheddar cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, iceberg lettuce.

(fries or salad) (D) (G) (E)  AED 110


Marmelade d’oignons, cheddar, tomates sechées, laitue

(frites ou salade)

Croque-Monsieur / Madame 

Parmesan béchamel with mushroom, turkey ham.

(fries or salad) (G) (D) (E)  AED 95/98

Croque-Monsieur ou Madame

Béchamel au parmesan, champignons, jambon de dinde.

(frites ou salade)

Sketch’s black Croque 

Grilled zucchini with pesto, tomato marmalade, mozzarella, baby spinach.

(fries or salad) (N) (E) (G) (D) (F) AED 85

Croque Noir Sketch

Courgettes grillées au pesto, confiture de tomate, mozzarella, pousses d’épinard.

(frites ou salade)



Homemade PG’s nuggets. (E) (G) (D) AED 70

Nuggets maison.

Penne pasta with tomato sauce. (G) (D) AED 90

Penne sauce tomate.


AED 125 per person 

Finger Sandwiches

Croque Monsieur

Parmesan béchamel, mushroom, turkey ham, niora paste on white bread


Tao Avocado

On toasted black bread

Smoked haddock rillettes

On brown bread

Lightly snacked Omani shrimp, curry mayonnaise tartlet


Delicate Pastries

Mini pastries of the day

Homemade macaroons

 Loukoum and chocolates

Warm English cake slices and financier.

Scone with clotted cream, bitter orange, strawberry jam

Tea or Coffee


Water/Les Eaux Minérales AED 39

Evian, still

Perrier, naturally sparkling


Beer / Les Bières AED 50

Stella Artois


Fresh Juices / Les Jus Frais AED 35




Soda / Les Boissons Gazeuses AED 35

Coca Cola

Diet Coke


Diet Sprite


Ginger Ale

Tonic Water

Club Soda

Cafés Richard Massaya Organic 

Iced option available

Espresso AED 28

American Coffee AED 30

Café Latté AED 32

Cappuccino AED 32

Flat White AED 32

Mocha AED 32

French Press AED 40

Turkish Coffee AED 35

PG Hot Chocolate AED 35

Milkshake AED 60

Moka mocho (coffee chocolate)

Chocolate cookie

Black Tea AED 35

Breakfast Tea

Combination of small-sized leaves from the two famous tea regions. A strong blend offering long lasting notes without any bitterness. The ideal cup for breakfast.

Earl Grey

The flavor of Bergamot is combined with black tea along with distinguished silky buds and a sprinkle of flower petals. A classic Earl Grey to drink to your heart’s content!

Lapsang Souchong

This tea’s assertive, smoky fragrance becomes milder, subtler and even delicate after infusion, perfectly reproducing the aromatic palette of traditional Lapsang Souchong in a wonderfully copper-colored tea.

Green Tea AED 35

Jasmine Tea

Among China’s most celebrated flower tea compositions, this jasmine tea provides a beautiful balance between a full-bodied green tea and the white flower’s sweet and delicate fragrance.


Chinese green tea Gunpowder to the Westerners, or more poetically “tea pearls” for the Chinese, this lively and astringent tea makes a fresh, thirst-quenching cup of tea. This tea is traditionally used to make the famous mint tea.

Sencha Fukuyu

The Sencha teas (crafted into flattened-needle shapes after a brief steam treatment) are appreciated in Japan for their refreshing flavour and offers a cup with strong vegetable notes, hints of fruit and a light bitterness.

White Tea AED 40

Passion de Fleurs

The delicacy of this white tea is blended with the subtle scent of rose and the fruity flavors of apricot and passion fruit. A deliciously well-balanced blend for a fresh and vegetal cup of tea.

Tea Blend AED 40


Fresh, fruity and floral notes are found in this delicately scented green tea which is just as delicious whether you enjoy it cold or hot. (Jasmine green tea, aromas of lychee, grapefruit, blood peach and rose).

Pomme d’amour

Blend of black teas with the delicious aroma of caramelized roasted apple livened up with a hint of maraschino. The flavor of deliciously prepared stewed fruits.

Pierre & Sylvie

A bouquet of red fruit aromas with notes of vanilla and caramel are subtly combined with the vegetal flavor of a green tea. Strawberry and red currant pieces add the finishing touches to this irresistible blend

Herbal Infusion AED 40

Rooibos Vanille

Vanilla’s sweet flavors are combined with the gently honeyed and smooth liquor of rooibos in a mediumsweet, full-bodied tea. A real treat!

Carcadet Nuit d’été

Blend of hibiscus flowers, dried apple pieces, rosehip peels flavored with raspberry, strawberry and cream flavors.


Cultivated in Eastern Europe where the harvest takes place from May to June. The infusion which has bright yellow color, carries a sweet and fruity taste with pineapple notes.


The verbena is perennial plant harvested after flowering, offering a cup with sweet and slightly lemony notes. Extremely fruity flavor gives a refreshing and deliciously scented cup


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